Florida A&M University

Dr. Katie Brodhead - Доктор Кэти Бродхед

Conferences, Upcoming
  Conference Location Dates Paper Notif Final Topic
2019 AMS Hartford, CT USA APR 13-14       Computability Theory
  NS19 Snowbird, UT USA May 22-23       Network Science
  NAACL Minneapolis JUN 2-7 12-3 2-22 4-1 Computational Linguistics - North America
  ICML Long Beach JUN 10-15       Machine Learning
  ALC Astana, Kazakhstan JUN 17-21       Asian Logic Conference
  CCR Astana, Kazakhstan JUN 23-25       Computability, Complexity, Randomness
  STOC Phoenix, USA JUN 23-26 11-2 2-11   Theory of Computing
  CCA Zagreb, Croatia JUL 8-11       Computability and Complexity in Analysis
  CIE Durham, England JUL 15-19 1-7 3-18 4-4 Computability in Europe
  ACL Florence, Italy JUL 28-30       Computational Linguistics
  KDD Anchorage, USA AUG 3-7       Knowledge Discovery in Databases
  G2D2 Yichang, China AUG 12-25       Graph Theory, Combinatorics
  EUROCOMB Bratislava, Slovakia AUG 26-30       Graph Theory, Combinatorics
  FOCS Maryland, USA OCT 26-29       Foundations of Computer Science
  NIPS Vancouver, Canada DEC 8-14       Neural Information Processing Systems
2020 ICPRAM Valletta, Malta FEB 22-24 10-4 12-3 12-17 Pattern Recognition Applications & Methods
  ECM Portorož, Slovenia JUL 5-11       Mathematics
  G2R2 Portorož, Slovenia JUL TBA       Graph Theory, Combinatorics
  KDD San Diego, USA AUG TBA       Knowledge Discovery in Databases
Conferences, Attended or Presented
  Conference Location Dates Paper Notif Final Topic
2018 CTA Waterloo JUN 4-8 Attended Computability Theory
  SVR Pilsen, Czechia JUL 1-7 Presented Algebraic Graph Theory
  G2R2 Novosibirsk AUG 6-19 Presented Graph Theory, Combinatorics