I am a reviewer for: 
Journal of S​ymbolic Logic [www]
Journal of Logic and Analysis [www]

Neural Networks [www]

Information Systems[www]
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Computer Language Interests​​​:
    C++, Python, Java, MATLAB
Language Interests​​​:
    Sanskrit, ​French, German, Spanish

IEEE Publication Search [www]

​​Membership Lists:  

​     IEEE [www], ACL [www], CCA [www], CIE [www]

I enjoy Sanskrit poetry.

Hello and welcome!

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics.
I work in both theoretical and applied computer science.

Research interests:

Machine Learning, Data Mining, Speech and Language Processing, Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Computability and Randomness

Florida A&M University

Dr. Katie Brodhead - Доктор Кэти Бродхед

मात्रास्पर्शास्तु कौन्तेय शीतोष्णसुखदुःखदाः
आगमापायिनो ऽनित्यास्तांस्तितिक्षस्व भारत
गीतोपनिषद् २-१४

​    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) [www]

​​    Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) [www]

​​    International Neural Network Society (INNS) [www]
​​    Computability and Complexity in Analysis (CCA) [www]
​​​    Computability in Europe (CIE) [www]